The Platform of the Messiah

Psalm 72 is a psalm about the reign of a great king. Many believe that this is a Messianic psalm, written to prophesy about the kingdom of God on earth during the reign of Jesus. In our political system we have things called “platforms” where a party and a candidate state what they will do if elected to power; what specific principles they stand for. The problem is that in our system, most of the time, those ideals are just words and the things in the platform don’t really get done. But if you take Psalm 72 as a platform you can get pretty excited about the reign of the king that is described here. This king is said to be able to “judge people with righteousness and the poor with justice”. This king will “break in pieces the oppressor”. This king has no term limits as his reign is “as long as the sun and the moon endure”.   If this psalm is about the reign of Jesus on earth, I can get pretty excited about what that will look like someday. I hope you can as well.


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