The Obedience of the Shepherds

In Luke 2 we have Luke’s account of the Christmas story. There is so much that we could talk about but I was struck this morning by the obedience of the shepherds. The shepherds weren’t expecting anything unusual that night. Then the angel steps into their lives and changes their plans. They go to Bethlehem, see Jesus and then the Bible says, 20 Then the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told them. Contrary to what we see in pictures/paintings, I don’t think there were special lights that shone on Jesus or anything like that. Unlike the line from “Away in a Manger” I’m quite sure Jesus cried like other babies did. So, when the shepherds showed up and saw the baby, I’m pretty sure Jesus looked like any other baby. And the baby was born to two poor parents, in a stable…without any pomp or circumstance.

I think if I was a shepherd, even after the angel visit, I might have wondered if I had the right address. I might have wondered if I should bother to tell anyone about this baby…one that looked like any other baby. So I’m impressed by the obedience of the shepherds. They did what the angel told them to do by seeing the baby and then they went out to tell others about the baby. Most times following Jesus is a little ordinary. Often there is not a great story to tell others. Will we still tell them? I think we, at least I, can learn from the obedience of the shepherds.


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