The Night Before…

I’m taking a two day break from Proverbs to talk about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  What I was thinking about tonight was this:  As the disciples put their head to the pillow on this night almost 2000 years ago, they never imagined how much their lives would change when the next day, Sunday, dawned.  They had absolutely no idea.  They went to sleep this night depressed, discouraged  and disheartened.  Their hope had died.  They didn’t expect the resurrection; not a single one of them. Yet, the next day it all changed.  The course of their lives were changed forever.

How often does God do that in our lives?  How often do we go to sleep one night and the next day the course of our lives are changed?  Now, it doesn’t happen every night but there are times in our lives when God steps in and just “Wham” changes things.  Yet, there were others associated with the resurrection story who put their head on the pillow this night, woke up the next morning to the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and were never changed.  The guards, the Pharisees, etc… were not changed…at least as far as we know.

I do not want to miss the times when God steps into my life and “Wham” changes things.  I’m afraid that I’ve probably missed far too many of these times.  As I put my head on the pillow tonight, I am so thankful for how God enters into my life and I am so thankful for His patience in my life.  I hope you are as well.  Good night!


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