The Narrow Way

The narrow way in Jesus’ sermon on the mount has two different applications, earthly and eternal.  I’ve already talked a little bit about the earthly application so now I’ll focus on the eternal one.  If there is a God and if there is an eternity, then that has to be THE most important part of human existence.  I mean, even if you live to be 100 years old, that time span is a snap of the fingers compared to eternity.   In the Bible, there is an incredible emphasis placed on eternity, which is consistent with what you would expect.  And the way to experience eternal life is always well defined in numerous places.  The Bible defines eternal life as a relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.  This is defined and spelled out over and over; again and again.  In that context, the way is very narrow.  The way to eternal life is exclusive, there is only one way, the relationship with Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, you would think by many people’s reaction to the narrow way, that God has somehow made a huge mistake and all those who believe in the “narrow way” are narrow minded.  I’ll probably spend a day or two on this idea but let me just say one thing for today.

Though the way is narrow, you have to admit that it’s not very complicated.  It is a rather simple “way”; a way that is available to everyone without educational requirements or the need for advanced degrees.  The idea of sin and judgment and forgiveness is well known and understood by cultures and people groups around the world.  God has made the narrow way “easy” to understand…not easy to walk…but easy to understand.  If you are reading this and you have not entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ what are you waiting for?  The urgency of the situation will not go away.  The importance of the situation will not diminish; rather it only increases as time goes on.  God is merciful and gracious but judgment will come at some point in time.

Why not embark on the narrow way by turning away from your sin and trusting in Jesus Christ as the atonement for your sin?  If you have questions get them answered.  This is not rocket science!  Don’t wait.  Settle the path or way that you are on today.


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