The Most Important Piece of Clothing

In Colossians chapter 3 Paul has been reminding us of some new articles of clothing that the believer in Jesus Christ has in his/her wardrobe and how important it is that we put those pieces of clothing on.  In verse 14 he reminds us of the most important piece:  “But above all these things, put on love, which is the bond of perfection”.  Love is like an overcoat that flows out of your “undercoat”.  Love is the first piece of clothing that is visible to those who see you.  I especially like the phrase, “bond of perfection”.  The word “perfection” in the original Greek is a word that carries the idea of completeness.  In wardrobe terminology, think of love as that which pulls the entire wardrobe together. It holds forgiveness and peace and kindness and humility and everything else together.  When love is evident then others will be more willing to hear what we have to say and to follow our example.  Is love something that is evident to others when they see you or watch you?  I hope that it is.  Christ has given you His love.  Please put it on.


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