The Importance of the Letter “N”

How many of you have watched Sesame Street?  I’m guessing that if you are over 40 you’ve watched it pretty much…under 40?  Maybe not so much.  But one thing I remember is that Sesame Street featured a certain letter each day (at least I’m pretty sure this was Sesame Street…though it could have been Electric Company…well, it doesn’t really matter….).  A certain letter was deemed very important on that day and the show used many words that began with that letter.

In thinking about Jesus’ death, the letter “n” is very important.  When you place the letter “n” in front of the word “ever” you get a very different word, “never”.  Jesus “never” sinned.  He lived a sinless, perfect life.  Yet, He died.  Why?  Jesus died on behalf of all of us who “ever” sinned.  Jesus died on behalf of all of us who sin all of the time.  The letter “n” is very important in understanding the death of Jesus.  I think of it this way:  “The One who “never” had sinned died for all who “ever” had sinned.”

The death of Jesus Christ is amazing.  Jesus offers each of us forgiveness of sin and the consequences of our sin simply by trusting in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  That’s all He asks.  Will you let Jesus’ death be a substitute for your own penalty of sin?  That leads me to the importance of another letter…the letter “U”.  Will “U” trust in Jesus today?


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