The End of the World as We Know It

In Revelation 18 we see the end of the world, all that the world has to offer, is essentially over. The world and its religious system are judged. All of its splendor and wealth and all that this world has to offer is judged by God and destroyed. This is both a sad and an exhilarating chapter. It is sad because of the death and the devastation. As I’ve written this week, my heart does not rejoice at the judgment of God. I hope your heart does not rejoice either. Chapter 18 speaks of lives of people being destroyed. But this has always been the end of the things of this world. God’s people have always known that this end was coming. God has made it clear from His revealed word that the end of the world and the world system would be judgment. This is one reason why we should hold onto the things of this world so lightly, never grasping them to the point where we place our lives in its sphere.

The exhilarating part of this chapter is that the stage is now set for the return and reign of Jesus Christ. This glorious event is just off the horizon. This is exciting. I just don’t understand those who claim to follow Jesus who refuse to relish the return of Jesus and all that He brings. He brings eternal life to those who know Him. He does not come in a metaphorical way to relieve oppression in this world. He comes in a real way to bring salvation. Chapter 18 is really the end of the world as we know it but it is right before the beginning of a world that is far, far greater than anything we have known.


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