The Dominance of the Sun and the Son

If you’ve ever been to an East coast beach on a sunny day you’ve noticed how dominant the sun is.  As you walk on the beach the sun is everywhere.  It seems that no matter how many miles you walk or ride, the sun is right there with you.  It is so much more prevalent and dominant than in any other kind of landscape.  I was noticing this yesterday as I was walking on the beach in the morning.

This reminds me of what heaven is going to be like.  The Bible says that we won’t need the sun any more because of the overwhelming presence of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  Jesus’ glory will so fill heaven that there will be no need for any artificial lighting.  But just as important as heaven is the presence and dominance of the Son of God in our lives TODAY.  We are called to live as lights in the world…not our own light but simply a reflection of God’s light.  And as Jesus is allowed to shine in us, His presence becomes almost overpowering; noticed everywhere by those who watch us.

So, let’s allow the presence of the Son of God so shine in our lives that those who see us will think of Jesus in the way they think of the sun on a glorious day at the beach.  With one big exception of course…we don’t ever need SONscreen!  With Jesus, no one gets burned!


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