The Bucket Challenge and “Opportunity”

This bucket challenge thing is really working!  Did you know that donations to the ALS association from the period of July 29th to August 19th are up 1,100% over the same time last year!  In fact, in this 3 week period $22.9 million has been raised; which is more than 33% of all the money given to the ALS association in ALL of 2013!  (my source if Forbes magazine) Why is this working so well to raise money?  I know there are criticisms of the approach but that’s not my point.  Why is this working?

Is it because people like to make videos of themselves?  Maybe, but people can always make videos of themselves and post it on Facebook.  Is it because people feel good about making the video instead of giving?  Apparently not since the donations are so high, many people are making the video and giving money.  I think that the bucket challenge success has to do with the word “opportunity”.  The bucket challenge has been a fun way to provide an opportunity for people to get engaged with something and to give their money.  The bucket challenge moves people away from “simply caring” about ALS to actually caring enough to donate money…and possibly pour ice water on themselves.  How does this fit with the gospel???

Glad you asked.  I’m not advocating the “bucket challenge” for sharing the gospel.  What I am asking is that each Jesus follower consider fresh and innovative ways to engage our family, friends and co-workers in conversation about the gospel and God’s activity in our lives.  Use a bucket if you like, but never give up on praying for God-given opportunities to open the door.  I think many people do care about eternity and they know they do the wrong things, but we have not found ways to engage their minds and hearts to go from simply caring to actually receiving the good news of Jesus Christ.  What I’m doing is praying about how God can show me opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with those I care about.  That’s my challenge for you.  I challenge all of you to pray about how God can give you opportunities to share Jesus Christ with others…and you can stay dry!



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