The Broad Way

Some people are the kind who enjoy taking the narrow path; the road less travelled.  They want, to borrow a phrase from Star Trek, to “boldly go where no man has gone before”.  They are up for the challenge and the difficulty of the narrow path.  Others prefer the comfort and familiarity of the wide path.  They are not as interested in the challenge.  Rather, they are comforted by the fact that many have gone down this path before them.  Neither of these approaches is “wrong”….except when we are talking about eternal life.

In the context of eternal life the broad way is the way to destruction or hell; not the way to eternal life with God.  Some prefer the broad way simply because there is less resistance on the broad way.  Life just sort of flows from one day to another, with little thought given about the future or about eternity.  Unfortunately, many people live like this.  But this should not be so.  The word of God asks us to focus on eternity; asks us to make choices each and every day, some of them difficult choices.  The word of God calls us to not simply follow the path of least resistance.

Does the “broad way” characterize your approach to life?  It’s not necessarily wrong but it is certainly deadly when we think of eternal life.  Choose the narrow way…more about that tomorrow.


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