The Birth…Big Deal?

Before we wrap up our look at Mary for this Christmas season I wanted to comment just briefly on the birth narrative of Jesus in Luke 2.   Actually, I wanted to speculate on how little of the narrative we are truly given.  We are simply told that while Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem her days were completed to give birth and she gave birth to a Son and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths.  That’s about it.  From then on there is no comment from Mary about the baby.  There is no further proclamation from Mary or Joseph about the baby.  We don’t have any description of Jesus as a toddler or as a five year old.  We just don’t have anything about that time period at all.

I’m not interested in getting all “Grinched” or “Scrooged” but I wonder if we make much more of the birth narrative than God ever intended us to make?  I like Christmas and the “season” as much as the next person, especially the chance to have a REAL tree standing in the living room.   But the birth of Jesus was just the beginning.  It’s OK to emphasize the birth of Jesus but it makes even more sense to me to emphasize the life of Jesus.  It makes great sense to me to emphasize the amazing miracles and love and teaching of Jesus’ life.  It makes sense to me to focus more on reading what He said and being transformed by His power.  If you are not a follower of Jesus as you read this, would you consider a “gift” to Jesus this year?  I’m not asking for money on His behalf but perhaps you might simply commit to reading the gospel narrative about Jesus.  It will take you less time to read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John than you spent shopping or decorating your house…and it just might change your life.

I will be decorating the tree with the family this afternoon but much more importantly, I pray that God will “decorate” my life with love, peace, joy and a passionate commitment to follow Jesus Christ…how about you?


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