The Benefit of the Breeze…

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is to ride my bike on the beach. When the tide is right, you can get a good bike ride in on the hard-packed sand and get very close to the water. One thing you almost always have at the beach is a breeze. Typically the breeze blows in the same direction each day. So, when I ride north, I am riding with the breeze. When I ride back, I am against the breeze. Selfishly, I enjoy riding with the breeze more than against it, but truthfully, there are benefits to both. When I ride with the breeze, I don’t have to work as hard and I feel like I can enjoy the view a little better. But when I ride against the breeze, the extra work I put in is really for my benefit. I can’t get my heart rate up riding with the breeze but I can get it elevated quickly when I am against it. The breeze has benefit both ways.

So it is with life. Sometimes life is like going with the breeze. The bills are paid, the family is in order, the sun is shining. But other times, life is not like that at all. Life is like going against the breeze and in some cases feels like going against hurricane force winds. But God has all this under control. He is the “author” of the winds of our life. He knows that we need to go against the wind at times, and yet He is still there with us. So today, if you are going with the breeze in your life, celebrate that…thank God for the rest and the view. If you are going against the breeze, celebrate that (though it may be a little more difficult). God is using the stiff wind in your face to change your heart and mind. You won’t regret the workout.



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