That New World Smell

Those of us who have been blessed enough to have purchased a brand new car or to have ridden with someone in their brand new car know what “that new car smell” is. It is this great smell that new cars have that nothing else has. Having purchased one new construction townhouse in my lifetime I have smelled the “new house smell” and it also is pretty amazing. Of course both the new car and the new house come with the “stinking” payments but I digress. There is something about the smell of “new”. New is unspoiled by wear and tear. New is unspoiled by six month old chicken nuggets under the seat. New is unspoiled by “wet dog smell”. In Revelation 21 John describes a new heaven and a new earth. The Bible doesn’t make any claims to the smell of this new heaven and earth; just the beauty and majesty of them, but I think they probably smell pretty good also. Why? Because they are unspoiled by human sin.   They are unspoiled by human rebellion. They are unspoiled by human pride. (I also think there won’t be chicken nuggets). The new heaven and the new earth are created for those who also have no more sin. The residents of the new heaven and new earth have had their sin purged by Jesus Christ. I believe that this new heaven and new earth will have beauty beyond anything we can see on the earth we live on today. Maybe the next time you sit in that new car or the new house, take a deep breath, and think of God’s new heaven and new earth…only there aren’t any payments for those, Jesus has paid it all!


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