Telling Your Story

Psalm 106 is a retelling of God’s faithfulness in delivering the nation of Israel out of slavery in Egypt. Like a lot of the way the events of the Bible are recounted, the stories are not glossed over or covered up. The sins of Israel are told…their rebellion is not skipped. Yet God is faithful. I really appreciate that the people of the bible are presented with their warts and without their makeup. There are two important applications from Psalm 106 today. First, be ready and willing to tell your story. Peter reminds us in the New Testament to “always be ready to give a defense for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear”. People are interested in your story. Your story is what God has done in your life…how He has delivered you. Second, don’t gloss over your warts. Be willing to admit the faults and failures and how God has shown grace. This makes your story more interesting (more “tabloid worthy”) and it makes your story more believable. After all, the person you are telling your story to has warts also, right? So, tell your story and tell your entire story.  That’s how God is glorified.


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  • Thanks Pastor Eric for posting this. From time to time I am asked to share my story in AA and ,at times, I reflect on what I shared and always wish that I had given God more credit than I did. I printed this out and am going to use this as an outline for the next time I am asked to share. To God be all the glory!

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