Someone’s on David’s “Bad Side”

Psalm 109 is a psalm written by David about some people who have treated him poorly. David says that they have lied about him, fought against him and returned his love with accusation. David asks God to do some pretty harsh things to those who are against him. But there is a very important thing that David does NOT do. As I read this psalm David does not attempt to take matters into his own hands. In verse 4 David writes that he gives himself to prayer. In verses 26-27 David writes this: “Help me, O Lord my God! Oh, save me according to Your mercy, 27 That they may know that this is Your hand—That You, Lord, have done it!” Do you see David’s focus? David’s focus is not on personal revenge. Sure, he doesn’t like the way he has been treated and he wants it to stop; but I think his attitude is revealed in verse 27. He wants those who have harmed him to see God’s activity in their correction. He wants them to know that it is God who has corrected them, not David. In this way, perhaps they would see God’s correction as a good thing in their lives.

How do you treat those who have mistreated you? Do you look for a way that you can get revenge or are you willing to trust God to do things His way? I believe that David’s example of praying for God to the “dirty work” is a great example for us. I hope that you would want God’s best for those who have shown you the worst. Let’s pray and let God take care of it.


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