Silver is “Golden”

Silver is “Golden”

Today we are just going to take one verse, Proverbs 16:31: 

The silver-haired head is a crown of glory,
If it is found in the way of righteousness.

In the time when Solomon wrote this proverb, I doubt that many people had access to Grecian Formula or “Just for Men” hair coloring.  I’m sure there were some hair dyes available but for the most part, I think that people displayed their natural hair color.  The graying of your hair is mostly linked to genetics…and for most people the older they get, the more gray hair they get.  Yet, with gray hair and age, can come great wisdom and blessing and that is what Solomon is pointing us to.

The man or woman who walks in the way of righteousness will grow old like everyone else, but their silver hair will look like a “crown of glory”.  As their hair turns gray, their influence over others increases and their legacy grows.  If they have followed God, their hair will serve as an indication of the wisdom and blessing they have accrued in their lifetime.  If they have not followed God their gray hair will be….just gray hair!

I like the crown of glory part.  Now, I started to turn gray around age 30.  For me, that wasn’t a sign of wisdom, just genetics.  But my goal is to stay in the way of righteousness and to see God give me that “crown of glory”…how about you?

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