Silent Night

Silent Night is clearly one of the most popular Christmas carols. It is one that is sung at every Christmas Eve service I have ever attended. This song is about the birth of Jesus. When babies are born there are many things said about the child. Some say, “He looks just like his Dad” or “She has her Mom’s eyes”. Things like, “He is so precious”. Sometimes we even make “prophecies” about babies like, “He’s so big…perhaps he will grow up to be a linebacker”. Parents and relatives have hopes and dreams for their babies but I’ve never heard any baby’s future spoken of like the last stanza of Silent Night: “Silent night! holy night! Son of God love’s pure light. Radiant beams from thy holy face. With the dawn of redeeming grace, Jesus, Lord at thy birth.”

Ever heard any newborn babies referred to as the “dawn of redeeming grace” or “Lord at thy birth”? Nah, didn’t think so. These are words that are reserved for a special baby, the baby Jesus.   All parents have high hopes for their newborn babies, like getting a job and not living in the basement forever J but not to be the beginning of redeeming grace or to be “Lord”. Yet these are the words ascribed to the baby Jesus. This baby is unique, special, one of a kind. I hope that this Christmas season you and I acknowledge Jesus as the dawn of redeeming grace, receiving that grace that is offered to us. I hope that we proclaim Him as Lord and that He is given that place in each of our lives.


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