Shooting the Messenger

Amos is a book of judgment. Numerous countries have judgment pronounced against them by the prophet Amos. A man named Amaziah gets tired of this message. He wants the king to get rid of Amos because Amos is prophesying bad things about the kingdom and its future. Funny thing is that Amaziah doesn’t really have anything to say to refute what Amos is saying. He just doesn’t want to hear it. He wants the messenger removed because he doesn’t want the to hear the message. When it comes to the things of God the message is more important than the messenger. God has given us a message in His word though we might not always like it. Will we follow the message or try to discredit the messenger? Will we look for loopholes or ways around the message. Amaziah did and it cost him his life. We might not pay such a high price but we would do well to heed the message, regardless of the messenger.


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