The first people to be given the news of the birth of the Christ child after Joseph and Mary are shepherds in the field watching over their flocks.  In order to fully appreciate this you need to know that shepherds were a pretty despised class of people.  Some believe that shepherds were so “looked down upon” that they were not allowed to testify in a court of law.  They were consider shiftless and unreliable…resigned to a duty that many did not want.   Yet, the shepherds are who the angel comes to announcing the birth of Jesus.

How fitting is that!  Jesus didn’t come amid a royal reception and greeting.  He came to a lowly couple in an “armpit” portion of the world.  Yet He was born with and spent most of His earthly life with people who others looked down upon.  Jesus spent His ministry with those that others had rejected.

So in retrospect, the shepherds were the absolutely perfect group of people for this birth to be announced to…and you and I, as imperfect as we, are a perfect group of people to continue to announce this amazing birth!


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