Seeing Clearly

In Matthew 7:15 Jesus says this: Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.  Unfortunately many people look at this entire passage on judging in Matthew chapter 7 and conclude that we are not to judge at all.  They stop at verse 1, “Judge not, lest you be judged.”  But the passage doesn’t end there.  In fact, if you stop at that verse you miss the main point of the entire section of teaching that Jesus gives. Yesterday we talked about the danger of being hypocritical in our judgment but today Jesus reminds us of the benefit to proper judging…we can help another person deal with a sin or negative issue in their own lives….but we need to see clearly.

It is pretty obvious to most of us that if we are struggling with a particular sin, we are not great “judges” of someone else who is struggling with the same sin.  Because of our natural self-centeredness and tendency to justify our behavior, we are not very well equipped to help someone else with the same problem; at least in a “judge/judgee” relationship (I realize “judgee” is not a real word but it seemed to fit)  But Jesus’ counsel is not to get out of the judging business but rather to get the log out of our eye…our response is to engage God’s power and ability over our own sin so we can help someone with their sin.

Seeing clearly is so very important.  Let’s get this very important thing right.




    Exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks

  • The biblical reaction is to celebrate your contentment. The Bible says that godliness plus contentment is great gain. You are “in gain”. Your “gain” is of far more value than this person’s ability to “scam” the system in some way; if that’s what they are doing. Know that God is at work in their lives and pray that they would see Him. If they only knew, they would trade all that they have for “ACCESS” to your heavenly Father.


    Sooo, I’ll ask a question. When you see someone at the grocery store with a cart load of groceries, including soda, snacks, etc. They pay with their access card. They walk out to their brand new car, and light up a cigarette. I KNOW that there may be more to their story. But, when you live paycheck to paycheck, don’t misuse the system, are content with what you have, it gets awfully disheartening to see that circumstance. My question is…. what is my biblical reaction supposed to be?

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