Sea Birds and Patience…


This post is again, from the beach. My topic is a little similar to yesterday. When I walk on the beach each morning and evening I see little birds who stand just at the edge of the surf. They watch and wait for little crabs to come along so they can eat them as they are washed on the shore, before the crabs can burrow into the sand. But they don’t seem to be successful very often. I rarely see them catching a crab…and I never see an overweight bird! But the birds are there all the time. I wonder if it is because they have to be there. I wonder if those crabs are their primary source of food? If they need to find a crab to survive, then they will spend as much time as it takes.

This made me think about how urgent I am about the word of God. Like I mentioned yesterday, there are many days when I approach the word of God and don’t walk away with an inspiring moment or insight. But I have come to realize that I NEED to spend time each day with the word of God, whether I find a tasty “crab” or not. Do you see your time in the Bible as necessary? Job wrote in his book that he desired God’s word more than his necessary food. I hope you feel the same way…and I know that when one of those birds finds a crab, it seems pretty excited.  Be patient like the birds as you approach God’s word.  And please see the process of reading and meditating on God’s word as important as eating.


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