Satan’s Wrath

In Revelation 12 John writes about a struggle between Satan, the church and Jesus; at least that’s what I think he’s writing about. This chapter is loaded with symbolism but I think the symbolism is rooted in truth. We see Satan out to destroy the church. This chapter speaks of Satan and his demons being cast out of heaven. In this chapter we are told that Satan has “great wrath” and that he “makes war” with the “woman’s offspring” which I think is a reference to the church. I don’t think that we often think about Satan in this way; if we think of him at all. I hope that we understand Satan’s activity and how dialed in he is to destroy God’s people and God’s agenda. You know, many people seem to want to disregard Satan but Satan is named by the same bible we have that names God…and Jesus. I mean, it really doesn’t make sense to believe in Jesus and not believe in Satan…does it? I don’t want to overemphasize Satan’s power but let’s not be naïve to his activity in our world and watch out for his activity and temptation in our lives.


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