Remember Joseph?

Joseph is a very “forgotten” element of the Christmas story.   He is unique in that, as far as I can remember, he is the only person who gets a visit by an angel and has nothing to say about it…at least nothing that’s recorded.  He just goes about his business and does what the angel tells him to do…marry a pregnant girl.   Of course, in his time and place, this was almost unheard of.  But what I admire about Joseph is his willingness to do what the angel, and by extension, God; told him to do without trying to “think it through”.  Joseph seemed willing to let God handle the consequences of Joseph’s obedience.

Sometimes I tend to “overthink” the situation.  I tend to wonder too much about “what if” or “what might” instead of just simply saying, “I will”.   God has a plan and I don’t always, or really, ever, have to know the details of that plan.  I just need to trust Him.  Thank you Joseph for giving us such a great example.


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