Refugees and the Power of Division

Division is a very powerful tool.  Satan has always sought to divide the followers of Jesus and over the centuries the strategy has proven quite successful.   We are seeing this right now in the Christian community over the issue of refugees.  Most of the rhetoric I read seems to put Christians in two “camps”; “Yes to all refugees no matter their background” and “No to all refugees no matter their background”.  But is anyone really in these two places?  Is there anyone out there reading this that would support letting in a refugee that knowingly has terrorist leanings or experience?  I doubt it.  To do that seems incredibly naive and if you say “yes” to that question, I doubt very seriously you would want to live next to him/her or place them in your home.  Also, if you have been advocating this position on Facebook, even though I doubt you really mean it, please stop using Jesus or the Bible as justification.  The Bible doesn’t speak about terrorism and you can’t pretend to know what Jesus would do.  On the other hand, is there anyone out there who really would close the borders to refugees from war torn and poverty stricken areas who could be helped by coming to America (no Eddie Murphy movie reference intended)?   I doubt anyone is that hard hearted though some Facebook posts make it sound that way.  I suspect that if a Mom, Dad and three year old Syrian family was standing in front of you hungry and cold, you’d give them something to eat and bring them into your house….and I’m pretty sure Jesus would do that.

Division is most successful when we stake out polarizing positions, which in reality, are not our positions at all.  Instead of “yelling” at each other through our computer keyboards, perhaps we should simply advocate for our positions through our government as we see fit and agree that we might be wrong and let the situations play out.  I suggest we continue to post and respond but let’s stop pretending there is such a great divide…99% of us are pretty much the same on this issue which we would see if we were actually in charge….but at least in my case, it’s probably good that I’m not…in charge that is 🙂


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