Just one verse today, Proverbs 16:16:

How much better to get wisdom than gold!
And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.

Do you think this verse is really true?  I suppose whether you really believe this statement can be seen by how you choose to live your life.  How do you spend your time and energy regarding wisdom and riches?  It seems to me that most people are focused more on the gold and silver instead of the wisdom and understanding.  I suppose it’s fair to say that they don’t really believe this verse.

This verse was written by King Solomon; who when asked by God what he desired, chose wisdom over all other things.  We are told that God granted Solomon’s wish, giving Him wisdom, but God also gave him great wealth.  Perhaps someone like Solomon who had both great wisdom and great wealth is uniquely qualified to evaluate the merit of each of them.

Wisdom and understanding really are better than gold and silver.  Godly wisdom will help navigate relationships with God and people; which are truly more valuable than things that can be bought with silver and gold.  If we have relationships that are managed or manipulated by riches, those relationships are going to be very shallow and not that meaningful.  Wisdom and understanding help us to succeed in the really important areas of life…so I guess I’ll agree with God and Solomon here.  How about you?

In wisdom,


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