Reach and Desire

I was thinking yesterday about a way to express how desire is related to reach.  I remember as a child not being able to reach certain things.  Again, being short my entire life meant having quite a list of things that I could not reach.  But that didn’t keep me from trying to reach whatever it was.  I really wanted to reach the shelf or the top of the table.  I had a strong desire to reach it.

But my desire didn’t increase my reach.  The only thing that could increase my reach was growing.  And I couldn’t do anything to impact that.  Believe me, I would have tried anything.  No matter how much I reached, or how much I desired to reach something, I was at the mercy of the entire “growth thing”.  I had to rely on something or someone else for growing.  I guess it is fair to say that I had to rely on God and on His timing for the growing.

I think that desire and reach are related the same way in other aspects of life; perhaps more important than gaining access to the cookie jar.  I desire to reach milestones in my spiritual journey.  I desire to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ.  I really have a strong desire for these things to happen; yet, I have no real ability to make it happen on my own.  My desire doesn’t extend my reach.  Rather, my desire keeps me focused on what I want to reach.  God has to “grow” me so that I can reach what He desires.  Desire doesn’t increase reach…but it keeps me going and expecting and hoping to reach.


Will you trust God to “grow” your reach?  If you keep “reaching” you may find out; perhaps unexpectedly; that God has grown you to the point where your desire is met.


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