Praising You in the Storm

One of my favorite lyrics from a Christian song is from the song, “Praise You in the Storm” by Casting Crowns.  The lyric is this:  “I was sure by now, God You would have reached down, and wiped our tears away, stepped in and saved the day, but once again, I say “Amen” and it’s still raining.  And as the thunder rolls, I barely hear Your whisper through the rain, “I’m with you”  And as your mercy falls, I raise my hands and praise the God who gives and takes away…  In a book written by Mark Hall, the frontman for Casting Crowns, Mark describes how the lyrics for the song came out of a relationship that developed between himself and a mom and her daughter who died of cancer at age 10.  You can find the story at the link below:

It is a remarkable story but more remarkable is the God behind the story.  Just like there is a God behind this story there is also a God behind each storm.  Many times we find ourselves wondering why it is “raining” in our lives and why God doesn’t make it stop.  But the key is understanding that God is always there.  As the situations and circumstances thunder through our lives we must not forget to listen for God’s voice.  God’s voice is always there.  He is always there.  He says, “I’m with you”.  I pray that all of those affected seriously by Sandy will hear God’s voice.  God is speaking to them, drawing them, working in their lives.  I pray that all of us, when we go through very trying times, when we finish praying by saying “Amen” and the pain is still there or the tumor is still there or the job still has not come, that we will know that God is still there and we can still praise Him in the storm!


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