Poverty You Can’t “Live” Without

Today we look at the first of the beatitudes, the first recorded sermon by Jesus.  The first beatitude is “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.  This is the first one that Jesus starts off with.  Why?  Well, as I see it Jesus starts off with the most important blessing.  The most important blessing that Jesus offers is entrance into the kingdom of heaven.  There is no greater blessing than this.  This blessing lasts for all eternity…long after the Energizer Bunny has run out of juice.

What does the phrase “poor in spirit” mean?  The Greek word that is translated “poor” has the idea of cowering or cringing like a beggar.  A beggar has no wealth, no position, no honor.  A genuine beggar has nothing to offer.  This is so instructive for us because this is how we come to enter a relationship with God.  Until we realize that we are “poor in spirit” can we really enter into a relationship with God?  If you think you have anything to offer God to help you in the transaction of gaining eternal life then you don’t understand the serious nature of sin.  When we understand our own spiritual poverty, we appreciate the wealth of blessing that God gives by offering eternal life and entrance into the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus begins His “blessed list” with an important item.  Have you admitted your poverty in spirit before God?  Being poor in spirit is truly poverty you can’t “live” without!


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  • textee@windstream.net

    I think David’s Psalm 51 is a great portrayal of poor in spirit. He essentially begs God’s pardon.

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