“Playing” God

After our second church service this morning I was talking to one of our ladies who had brought her grandson to church this morning.  She told me that when he saw me this morning he said, “Here comes God!”  We had a nice laugh about this but I began to think about this on the way home.  Listen, we all know that I’m “not God”.  Anyone who has ever met me can testify to the truth of that.  However, to that little boy I represented God.  To that boy; seeing me was seeing God.  Do I realize what a privilege and a responsibility this is?

Some of you have heard the phrase, “you are the only Bible someone else will ever see.”  That is often true.  We have the incredible privilege of introducing people to Jesus Christ by how we live and how we talk.  We are the literal hands and feet of God to many people that we come into contact with.  With this privilege comes a great responsibility.  Now, I don’t think that people expect us to be perfect.  We are told that we are to be “ambassadors for Christ”.  We are His representatives.  We might be the only “God” that people can see in action.

So, we really do have the responsibility of “playing” God.  Let’s play Him well.  Let’s demonstrate grace and truth and love and joy and forgiveness.


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