“Pick Me Up” Part 2

Today’s psalm, Psalm 96, in my opinion is another great psalm about a great God. It is unfortunate that many today want to remove “judgment” from God and only see Him as affirming actions and attitudes. The Bible so clearly reveals God as righteous and just, which requires judgment. In a recent sermon I talked about how right judgment flows out of a heart filled with peace. If you have God’s peace, you will be able to “deliver” judgment in appropriate ways. In this psalm we are told that “righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne”. God’s people can look to that as part of our lives as well, though we won’t get it perfect all of the time. In this psalm God is said to “burn up His enemies”, “put to shame those who serve carved images or who boast of idols”, and to “hate evil”. The God of the Bible is a God who knows the difference from right and wrong and wants His people to know that as well. That should not be a “downer” but rather it should encourage God’s people to tell others about Him so they can avoid His judgment. People filled with God’s peace do not rejoice or revel in the prospect of judgment but rather see the clear truth of it, and see God’s judgment as an important part of the picture of who God is. Verse 12 is a great way to close: “Rejoice in the Lord you righteous, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name”. Amen!


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