Perspective and Time with God

Psalm 73 is an interesting psalm. It begins with the writer wondering aloud as to why the wicked prosper and why they go unpunished. The writer begins to say that he was ready to speak against God because of the unjustness of the prosperity of the wicked. Then he says something interesting in verse 17: Until I went into the sanctuary of God;Then I understood their end. Then he goes on to describe how the wicked will ultimately suffer and be judged by God. What does verse 17 mean…what did he mean when he said, “until I went into the sanctuary of God, then I understood their end.”? I am not sure I know what he means here but whatever it was, it changed his perspective in a great way.

Perhaps being in the sanctuary of God means that he was in God’s presence; he was filled with God’s wisdom; he received counsel from others.   I’m just not sure but I guess I could simplify it to the fact that he spent time with God. How much understanding do we miss because we don’t spend time with God?   How often do we wallow in our own thoughts and emotions, lacking God’s perspective on our world around us? I suppose that right perspective comes out of being with God…sure sounds like something worth paying attention to.


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