People Matter

1 Timothy 5 is an interesting chapter of the Bible. This letter was written by Paul to a young man named Timothy and it contains a lot of information about how to pastor a church. In this chapter Paul talks about the care of widows and the types of widows that should not be taken care of. Paul also talks about elders and how they should be treated. It’s not clear to me that the details of what we read here are always applicable to 21st century culture. Our culture around widows is certainly different than the 1st century culture around widows. But what I find interesting here is how interested Paul is in people. Paul spends a lot of time talking to Timothy about how he should take care of people. People matter to Paul because people matter to Jesus. In fact, people matter most. Sometimes it is easy to lose this focus. None of us loses this focus on purpose…we don’t set out to prioritize other things above people…it just sort of happens. Paul spends a lot of time in his letters to Timothy talking about how to deal with people because, I believe, people matter. I hope people really matter to you as well. I hope you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of others and see such sacrifice as an act of worship to the Lord. People matter!


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