Peace…what an interesting word.  The word “peace” means many things to many people, sort of depending on where you are on your timeline of life.  For the parents of a newborn, peace means sleep and quiet.  For the parents of teenagers, peace may mean the absence of conflict and yelling between siblings…and occasionally parents!

Peace is a very important word to Jesus and to His followers.  The good news of Jesus Christ is called “the gospel of peace”.  We are told that when we receive Jesus as Savior we will have “peace with God”.  That implies that without Jesus we are not at peace with God…that’s true because of our sin.  The “peacemakers” could refer to those who have “made peace” with God, through Jesus Christ.  They are given the title, “sons of God” in God’s word.  We can’t be children of God without having made peace through Jesus Christ.

God gives His followers peace but then He calls them to share that peace with those in the world.  In the two centuries following Jesus’ earthly life, His followers were known for peace.  They refused to fight in wars.  They willingly surrendered their rights to others in the name of peace.  Peace truly needs to be a distinguishable attribute of the follower of Jesus.  Are you a person of peace?  Do you reflect a calmness and assurance to others?  None of us get this right all of the time, but as children of God we are called to live a life of peace.  If we are peacemakers, we will be in a good position to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ to a world that desperately needs peace.


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