Romans 5 is one of the greatest theological chapters in the Bible. There is so much incredible information in this chapter. I’m going to focus on the first verse of chapter 5: Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,.. Please notice that after having spent a few chapters talking about man’s sin, Paul says that through justification by faith, we can have peace with God. Our sin causes us to be at enmity with God, but peace is available. But it isn’t available because of our own effort, but because of faith in Jesus Christ. Peace is something that we all want. But we can’t have peace our way. Since God is the one who is offended by our sin, He is the one who gets to proscribe how that offense can be remedied. The offended gets to tell the offender how to make it right. You and I are the offenders…God is the offended.

The only way to peace with God is through faith in Jesus Christ. Do you have peace with God?


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