Not a Baaad Deal


Most everyone has at least heard Psalm 23 in their lifetime. In fact most have heard it multiple times. Psalm 23 is about a sheep and a shepherd. As I read this psalm I consider myself to be a sheep. I read that my shepherd will provide for me. He will lead me beside the still waters and lead me to green pasture. I read that my shepherd will protect me and that I have no need to fear. I also read that this protection and provision will not run out…”I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”. Pretty cool that sheep get to stay in the house! This is a great psalm but don’t skip over the first five words, “The Lord is my shepherd”. These words are the most important words. If the Lord is not your shepherd then the promises do not apply. The promises of protection and provision from the shepherd only apply to the shepherd’s sheep. If you don’t belong to the shepherd then you don’t have the promises. Please consider if you have received Jesus as your Savior…making Him your Shepherd. Having Jesus as your Shepherd is clearly not a baaaad deal.


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