New Earth…quake

The Old Testament book of Zechariah is one of judgment and prophecy.  The end of the book is especially exciting as we see Jesus return on the Day of the Lord.  Especially interesting to me is chapter 14 where Zechariah writes about the presence of Jesus literally changing the landscape of the earth….talk about having a heavy step!  When Jesus returns the second time it will be to reign as a king, not to die as a servant.  This return will overshadow the return of the Beatles or the return of Michael Jordan!  We sometimes talk about an event “changing the landscape” of something but we mean that metaphorically…we don’t literally expect mountains to move and rivers to be rerouted but that’s what we see here as Jesus returns.  I hope the sure hope of the return of Jesus changes your landscape.  I hope that it moves you to anticipate His return in a miraculous and meaningful way.


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