In Luke 5 we continue to see Jesus unfolding His public ministry. In the first paragraph we see a man named Simon (also called Peter) choosing to follow Jesus. The story goes like this. Jesus was teaching a crowd while sitting in Simon’s boat. He then tells Simon to take the boat to deeper water and let down his net. Simon tells Jesus that he has been fishing all night and hasn’t caught anything. That was the reality of his situation. There were no fish. But Simon is faced with a choice. Will he go by his past experience…no fish…or obey Jesus’ present command…go fish…Simon voices the path of his choice like this: But Simon answered and said to Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.”   When Simon chooses to “go fish” the Bible says that they caught so many fish that their net was breaking. Simon chooses to follow Jesus.

I think we often find ourselves in situations like Simon. Our past circumstances have led us to certain conclusions. Simon thought there would be no fish. We think there can be no forgiveness. We think there can be no grace. We think there can be no healing. Like Simon we may have even toiled and worked and saw no results. But then Jesus steps into our lives and tells us to do something. This direction can be found by reading the Bible, by the godly counsel of a friend or enemy, or by us “hearing” the voice of God for ourselves. We have our past and we have a present choice, and the word “Nevertheless” is the linchpin. Simon was very glad that he chose to follow Jesus…”nevertheless, at Your word I will let down the net.” Maybe that same phrase needs to be uttered by you today but in a slightly different way. How about, “nevertheless, at Your word I will forgive.” Or “nevertheless, at Your word I will give.” Or, “nevertheless at Your word I will take care of him/her and love him/her” Or, “Nevertheless at Your word I will tell him/her the gospel of Jesus.” The possibilities are endless as we are forced to choose to continue to believe the history or choose to do what Jesus says.



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