One of the interesting things about Romans 16 is the list of names that Paul uses. Paul specifically names 27 different people. In case you are looking for baby names Paul offers “Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermas, Patrobas, Philologus, Nereus and Olympas”, as possible examples. Alright, I doubt you are going to pick any of those but what is interesting to me is that these are real people that Paul knows. Sometimes we might think of the Bible as a collection of truths and statements written a long, long time ago to people in a land far, far away. That’s true but the Bible was also written then to specific people with specific lives and needs. People like Philologus and Asyncritus (that one sounds like a disease) were people who laid it on the line to follow Jesus.

But the Bible wasn’t written just for those people. It was also written for you and me. God can take truths and principles that were written down almost two thousand years ago and make them relevant and real to people like you and me today. Unlike any other document written down, the Bible is a living and powerful document, used by the Holy Spirit to help you no matter what your name. I appreciate knowing that Amplias and I have something in common…we both love Jesus and He loves and has redeemed both of us.


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