More Light

Light is an amazing thing.  We get light from the sun; an incredible amount of light that travels through space and “arrives” here on earth.  We can also create artificial light through electricity.  Light is quickly able to dispel the darkness.  A flip of a switch or the pulling up of a shade changes the entire character of a room.  Also, it only takes a little bit of light to be able to see.  We are the same way as followers of Jesus.  As the “light of the world” we have an amazing, God-given ability to change the character of a home, an office, a workshop or a team.  Even if you are the only “light” for Christ in any of those environments, you can make a great difference.  People will see Jesus in your light.  They may not respond at that moment…They may even attempt to dim your light or even turn you off; however, know that your light is making a difference.

So shine.  It might not be easy and it might not always look pretty but shine and let God use you in the very dark world in which we live.


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