More Important Than School

I had two sixth graders in my car on the way to youth group last night and I asked them “Tell me one thing that you learned in school today?”  Usually when I ask this question I get, “nothing” but today both of them told me they learned how to convert a fraction into a decimal…and gave the correct answer to an impromptu fraction that I gave.  I told them that the ability to turn a fraction into a decimal is something they could use for the rest of their lives.

I appreciate teachers and schools and the important things that they teach us….though I admit a few times wondering why in the world in high school I needed to know the largest cash crop for South American countries…but the Bible talks about things that are often “more important” than what we can learn in school.  In Ephesians 3:19 we are told that we can “know the love of Christ which passes knowledge”.  That’s pretty amazing to think about.  We often “over-emotionalize” love in our culture as a syrupy, sappy, ooey-gooey kind of emotion.  But in the Bible, love is an action word.  And in the context of the love of Christ, it is far more important than knowledge.  Love can root and ground us.  Love can stabilize us.  Love can change us and we can be instruments of love in the lives of others as well.

Do you know the love of Christ?  You can if you enter into a relationship with Him through faith.  He offers you His complete love….your’s for the receiving, if you will but ask.  I don’t know if you have a Ph.D. or a GED or a sixth grade education, but I know that whatever knowledge you have pales in comparison to the love of Christ…you can count on it…even convert it to a decimal if you want!


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