Liking “gods” more than God

In the book of Acts we have a record of the missionary travels of Paul and his “sidekicks”. In chapter 14 Paul and Barnabas show up in a city named Lystra and they heal a man who had been lame since birth…not the kind of “lame” that your teenager thinks you are…the kind where you can’t walk. Anyway, after seeing this man jumping up and down the people immediately declare that Paul and Barnabas are gods. They call Barnabas “Zeus” and Paul, “Hermes” and they gather oxen to have a celebration sacrifice. Of course, Paul and Barnabas set them straight, saying they are men just like the people of Lystra and then Paul points them to God.

But this got me thinking….How quick are we to go after “gods” in our life other than the real One?   How quick are we to attribute the activity of God to someone or something else? These folks quickly took the credit away from God and gave it to Paul and Barnabas…do we do that? Do I do that? Most of us are a little more educated than to worship Zeus or Hermes but what about “Fame” or “Power” or “Entertainment”? These gods are very active and powerful in our world today. Let’s spend a few minutes this morning asking God to reveal to us what “gods” we might be liking a little more than Him.


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