Lessons from a Crab

Since I’m at the beach right now I am taking a break from 2 Kings and all of the good and bad kings to write something from the beach. This morning as I was walking along the ocean (did I mention I was at the beach…where it is warm…and breezy…) I saw a little crab (picture posted on facebook). The crab immediately took up a defensive position, pinchers in the air as he faced me with his beady little eyes. I immediately began to think about why he did that. I suppose he saw me as a threat. I am much bigger than him. I am stronger and smarter than him. And so he took a defensive posture.

I believe that unfortunately many people respond this same way to God (note, I am NOT comparing myself to God in this post…) God is so much bigger, stronger, smarter, etc… than we are.   Our natural human reaction (like a crab) is to assume a defensive posture. We interpret God’s activity toward us as a threat and respond accordingly. We run away. We don’t allow God to talk with us…to walk with us. If that is your posture toward God, may I encourage you to come out of your shell? Put away the pinchers. Open yourself up to His presence and purpose for your life. Yes, God is bigger, smarter and stronger but unlike the analogy between me and the crab, God loves me…and you. You won’t be disappointed. Okay, now back to the sand and the ocean. Not sure if I remembered to tell you that I was at the beach.


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