The word of God has a lot to talk about regarding laziness or idleness.  Here is one verse from Proverbs 20, verse 4: 

The lazy man will not plow because of winter;
He will beg during harvest and have nothing.

Why do you suppose that laziness is condemned so frequently in the scripture?  My idea on this is that God has given us so much opportunity and ability that to be lazy with it is similar to an affront to God.  We don’t deserve the ability we have.  We didn’t do anything to “earn” it.  Yet, God has given it to us.  Being lazy with it is analogous to wasting it and God knows that wasting our time and talent is not good for us nor does it advance God’s kingdom.

Of course, God does not promote overworking either.  The key is to find a balance; a God-given balance between working too hard and being lazy.  If we listen to God and spend time with Him in relationship with Him, we will know what to do.

In wisdom,


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