Ladies…Don’t Be “Pigs”

Just one verse this morning…a very interesting and relative one for American culture.  We just went through the Oscar ceremonies last week and what seems to have become the most popular part of the Oscars is the walk on the red carpet and the dresses that the women wear who attend the Oscars.  Unfortunately, there were some who probably had not read Proverbs 11:12 any time recently.  Let’s read it now:

As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout,
So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion.

What does this mean?  I think the meaning is relatively clear.  A gold ring and a pig don’t go together.  The beauty of the gold ring is lost or negated by the fact that a pig is wearing it.  This is also true of a lovely and beautiful woman who lacks discretion.  Her beauty is negated by her lack of discretion…whether that be in what she wears (or perhaps better, what she “doesn’t” wear), or, a lack of discretion could also be found in what she says or does.  A beautiful woman doesn’t have to flaunt her beauty by wearing revealing clothing.  I’m not advocating a return to Victorian style dress, nor that women should be treated as second class citizens.  What God’s word is warning here is that women should have discretion to really accent the beauty that God has given to them.  Their lack of discretion in dress or words or actions takes away from their beauty, just as the beauty of a ring of gold is lost by the fact that it is part of a pig’s wardrobe.

In wisdom,


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