Just Slogging Through…

In Leviticus chapters 9-14 there are chapters devoted to how to cleanse a leper and a house that has leprous germs in it, the days of purification for a woman who has given birth…interestingly enough the days of purification if a girl is born is twice as long as the period of time for a boy…and a long list of what kinds of animals are OK to eat and which ones must be avoided. Some believe that certain animals were prohibited for health reasons and others because of the “nature” of the animal. I am not sure which is correct or if both are right. None of this really seems to apply to me today. These are not chapters that I can read and think, “Wow, this is loaded for application to my life today”. But yet, I read them because they are a part of the words that God has preserved.  I just sort of slog through them.  This got me thinking….

Isn’t a large part of life just “slogging through”? There are exciting days and big days and important days, but at least for me, a lot of days are just ordinary days, days which are not memorable to me and for which I can’t think of anything particularly special or significant that occurred during those days. But in those days it is important that I obey God. In those days, it is important that I follow His word. Perhaps you are in a “Leviticus” type situation of life right now..just sort of slogging through. Keep going….don’t stop following Jesus…exciting days, good or bad, are on the way. And, if you ever run across a house that has been infected with leprosy, you will know exactly what to do!


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