Just Seek

Most of us have played hide and seek at some point in our lives.  Of course some of you may have played hide and seek and been one of those people that no one really wanted to find…If so, I’m available for counseling.  However, that’s not our focus this morning.  Our focus is Proverbs 15:3:

The eyes of the Lord are in every place,
Keeping watch on the evil and the good. 

This is an amazing statement isn’t it?  There is nothing that you or I can do which God doesn’t see…that applies in both the positive and negative.  There is nothing good that we can do that goes unnoticed.  There is nothing bad that we do that goes unnoticed.  I prefer to focus on the positive side of this.  I take great comfort in knowing that God is always watching me.  I take great comfort in knowing that no one can sneak up on me or that no one can do something to me that my God doesn’t know about.  There are no “shadows” in God’s sight.

As you go through your day, please rest in the truth that God sees everything you do and is sovereign over everything He sees.  Let’s not ever hide from God, just seek Him.

In wisdom,


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