Judgment is Coming

I understand that people tend to interpret the book of Revelation differently. As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to take it literally when I can because that just makes the most sense to me. But no matter how you understand Revelation you certainly have to see the emphasis on judgment in Revelation 14. Babylon is being judged. People who received the mark of the beast and who are worshiping the beast are being judged. And then the chapter ends with a graphic picture of judgment. I don’t like the idea of judgment any more than anyone else…after all if you “like” judgment I think there is something wrong with you. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that God is a God of judgment. It runs all through the Bible and it makes sense that a significant portion of the end of the book would speak about judgment. That is exactly what we see here. I hope that you appreciate the soberness of the judgment of God. To think otherwise is to ignore a large portion of the revelation of Who God is. However, if we respect what God says about Himself, we will see both sides of God…judgment and grace…and worship Him for ALL that He is.


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