Jesus’ “Drop the Mic” Moment

There is a common phrase in our culture today that is used when someone says something that is either outrageous or so important and timely that nothing else needs to be said. People are said to “drop the mic” or microphone. I don’t think I’ve ever had a “drop the mic” moment but in Luke 4 Jesus has a “drop the mic” moment…before microphones were even invented. In the beginning of Jesus’ ministry He teaches in the synagogue in Nazareth and He quotes from the prophet Isaiah. What Jesus does is essentially claim to be the fulfillment of Isaiah’s words…He claims to be the Messiah. In verse 21 Jesus says, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing”. That’s a “drop the mic” moment. Jesus is claiming to be God. Occasionally you will read people who just want to view Jesus as a good teacher, a champion of the poor or someone who stood up for the little guy. They teach that Jesus never really claimed to be God. But He does here…right in the beginning of His ministry. Men and women 2000 years later may have trouble understanding Who Jesus claimed to be, but His audience in the synagogue that day had no trouble at all…and they didn’t like it.

In verse 28 we are told that the people wanted to kill Jesus. However, Jesus wasn’t going to be killed by anyone. He would only lay down His life on His time, and so Jesus miraculously passes through the midst of the angry mob. Jesus has a lot of “drop the mic” moments in His brief time of ministry. He frequently said things that shook up the status quo or that were shocking and yet, true. I hope that you can feel the effect of these types of words as you read the Bible, especially the words of Jesus. Put yourself in the context and the background. Ask God to help you to “feel” the weight and meaning of the words that you read.


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