I am not a gambler so I don’t play the slots or anything but I do understand what the word “Jackpot” means….though I confess I have no idea of the origin of the word.  Who is Jack and why should someone be concerned about his “pot”? Anyway, in verse 8 we read about a jackpot from God.  Here is Matthew 7:8:  For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.  This is definitely a “jackpot” verse.  Now, before you go away thinking that I’m some sort of prosperity preacher, let’s look at this jackpot closely.

We are promised that if we ask we will receive.  If we seek we will find and if we knock it will be opened.  But, consistent, with one of the themes of the Sermon on the Mount, we need to remember that our life is not mainly about us.  Our life is about how God can work through our lives to bless others.  This is not a verse that you can “claim” to get everything you want.   Rather, this promise is a reassurance that a good God will give you what you need.  God is not playing “hide and seek”.  He is there when you look for Him.  He is not behind a locked door, hiding from you.  He is there to be in relationship with you when you want such a relationship.  When we ask Him for things that we need and that are in line with what is best for us, then we will receive those things.

This really is a “jackpot” verse but the “pot” which is offered to us might not be about us at all, but for someone else.  Ask yourself this question:  What am I really asking God to do?  Am I really seeking Him and knocking in a way that requests His presence in my life?  I would “double down” on that approach if I were you!


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