Is the Narrow Way “Bad”?

Most of us have fairly “narrow” ways of living.  We tend to drive the same way to work each day.  We like to sit in the same spots at church or the movies.  We use the same toothpaste.  We drink the same sodas.  I’ve noticed when I’m shaving that I start putting the shaving cream on the left side of my face each morning and interestingly enough, I actually start with the razor on the right side each and every time.  It feels very strange if I try to change that routine.  I think that most of us are pretty “narrow” in the way that we live.  Most people tend to vote for the same political party and they tend to apply a fairly narrow worldview to making decisions in their lives.  Yet, many people seem to be offended by the idea of a spiritually “narrow way”.

Many seem to think that Christianity is a very narrow minded religion because it teaches that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.   They don’t understand why Christians are so intent on converting people to the Christian point of view.  They, perhaps even you, think that it is not what you believe that matters most but how sincere you are about what you believe.  But if God is real and He has revealed Himself to mankind; then we ought to figure out what He’s revealed and how He’s revealed it.  If you’ve ever studied world religions at all, you will quickly discover that most of them are narrow and very exclusive.  For example, Islam teaches that Jesus is not God and Christianity teaches that Jesus is God.  Well, Jesus is EITHER God or NOT God.  He can’t be BOTH God and not God at the same time so Christianity or Islam is wrong.  Both religions cannot be right; therefore both religions cannot be true and valid.

If you are not convinced as to which religious viewpoint is correct, I strongly suggest you get that settled and settled quickly.  It’s not very difficult to research…I would be glad to help.  But don’t be afraid of the narrow way.  It is the way you do most of the things in your life anyway….


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